*TRIGGER WARNING* I do NOT promote selfharm/suicide/eating disorder in any way. -
April 9th, 2014 -
what doesn’t kill you
leaves scars
ruins your lungs
dries out all your tears
leaves you lying awake at 4 in the morning
wishing you weren’t alive
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I feel like throwing up.


I feel like throwing up.

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can we skip this whole “college” thing and go straight and go to the part where i have a really awesome job and spend all my time traveling?





High School Fads, 1944

Ok so now I’m on the look out for lesbians with hair bows in the back

This ^^^

I just like how the bow on the left is a ‘signal and a chllange’ it’s like yeah, Betty’s been going steady with Tommy for a few weeks now, but let’s see if Ronny can step up his game before Betty becomes a right bow kind of girl

can i use ‘she wears her bow in the back’ as a euphemism now?


HP Spells Version 2 in B&W